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Site Specific Surveys

Site specific surveys are key to CLS project planning and were introduced long before the a site survey became a necessary requisite of the British Standards B98640. These surveys allow us to ascertain the exact requirements of each project and plan them accordingly.

“Efficient planning ensures nothing is left to chance”

The site survey is an essential part of any project. Its aim is to gather and collate specific information to determine precise position and assess obstacles and problems that may occur where work is proposed.

In addition to generating new data, the survey supplements and verifies existing site information so that CLS can ascertain the most cost effective, timely and safe solution. The survey, conducted by CPCS trained professionals, ensures that all safety considerations are assessed including risks to personnel and the environment and that there are no unnecessary extended timescales. This ensures that the customer can have the utmost confidence prior to the commencement of the project.